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EMERSON Blue Label "Otter" Hardshell Jacket

EMERSON Blue Label "Otter" Hardshell Jacket



This Emersongear Blue Label "Otter" Function Hardshell Jacket is designed for harsh environments and severe weather with its three layers of waterproof and moisture-permeable fabric, suitable for temperatures as low as -15℃. Made with tear-proof elastic nylon reinforced fabric, it is both waterproof and breathable. Ergonomically designed for maximum freedom of movement, it features a length reaching to the hips, extended back hem, and elbow tailoring. The jacket also has large-capacity pockets for storing small tools, a specially designed hood for helmet use, and a quick-drying fleece glued inner collar for added comfort. With YKK waterproof zippers and Coat elastic threads, this jacket is perfect for outdoor activities like shooting, mountaineering, camping, and more.


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